Great rhymes plus great beats equals great music! This is the formula and creed that these four emcees have chosen to live by. The Hip Hop world has long been looking for a breath of fresh air. Well Hip Hop needs to look no further. That breath of fresh air is here and it comes in the form of the brand new Super Group named EMC!

EMC is comprised of four spectacular lyricists: the Midwest phenom “Stricklin”, the widely respected Lyricist Lounge duo “Punchline & Wordsworth”, and the legendary Brooklyn bred Juice Crew member “Masta Ace.” What makes this group so special is that it was basically formed at the request of the fans. Having toured extensively with Ace since 2001, Strick, Punch, and Words all became very close and realized how natural it became to be on stage together. The fans recognized this chemistry as well and often asked if there was a group album planned in the future. Well ask no more! EMC is here and ready to take Hip Hop to places it has never been before.

The Milwaukee born and raised emcee “Stricklin” made noise in the late 90’s when he was signed to Tommy Boy Records and was featured on several of their releases. “Punch and Words” released an EP in 2000 and were both integral in the success of the groundbreaking MTV program “The Lyricist Lounge Show.” Wordsworth would later release a solo LP in 2004 entitled Mirror Music. These three rhyme spitters obviously caught the ear of Masta Ace because he featured them on his last two classics 2001’s Disposable Arts and 2004’s A Long Hot Summer. “The group idea was a natural progression of the relationships we all made from being on the road together,” says Ace. “It’s not just about the music with us, we are pretty much like brothers.”

This led to the fellas finally going in to record their first official song together in early 2005 which is the aptly titled “Four Brothers.” The song was eventually leaked to the internet before it was even properly mixed which made no difference. The buzz on the EMC project had officially begun. “The response to that record was kinda crazy,” says Wordsworth. Punchline agrees, “Yeah, the reaction we got from that joint let us know it was time to go in and do the album.”

With EMC set to release their debut LP The Show in 2007 on M3 Records, the group is in a good place right now. With the combination of the personality of “Stricklin”, the cleverness of “Punchline”, the wordplay and work ethic of “Wordsworth”, and the leadership of the “Music Man” himself, EMC is ready make some noise in the music industry. “EMC is a movement and Hip Hop should get ready for something really special,” says Stricklin. “It’s about to be a problem!”