• http://dailybasketball.blogspot.com/ Dino

    Symphony classic record with the best rappers on it

  • http://www.NeckaRockaz.de Fabi Alibi

    Awesome story man. Now just remember that hadn’t taken place just the exact way it did. Would there be Ace then? Sure, but with that legendary status he holds today? I don’t know, but who even cares. Ace is STILL hot-after 20 years. And where’s Shan today? Last thing I can remember of is that early 90s Snow-Informer-thing haha. So guys, Merry XMas to y’all. Still waitin for that Disposable arts re-release coz I ain’t got it. Peace and one love, Fab

  • http://MCMIreport.com GMS

    And the MORAL of the story, boys and girls, is … DON’T – BE – A – DIIICK! ahahahahahahahahahaahah man, Shan must be the most kickin himself rapper EVER!!

    Also, if you are around other talented artists, vibin’, just stay humble and you never know when an opportunity will present itself. I’m glad Ace is a cool dude, or else, who knows? Maybe Marley wouldn’t have wanted him around, or to get on the mic for that song. Now, we have history. That influenced a lot of people. I remember when A-Butta paraphrased that first line years later. Classic.

  • alex

    great story. the rest of those clips are good too. props to d-nice